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Welcome to Advantage Litigation Services. We provide affordable, economically viable access to commercial litigation for SMEs & individuals.

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Litigation Funding

The cost of litigation needn't prevent you from enforcing your rights. It's possible to fund commercial litigation in an affordable and economically viable way.

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Commercial Claims

Occasionally commercial relationships go awry and can harm your business. In these situations, it's vital you enforce your legal rights.       

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Litigation Protection

There are many insurance products now available that can reduce, or remove, the costs of failing to win a commercial claim.

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Access to Litigation Funding

We provide access to various means of funding litigation including Contingency Fee Agreements (No Win, No Fee), Partial Conditional Fee Agreements (No Win, Low Fee) and facilitate access to third party funding.

No Win No Fee Commercial Legal Claims

We provide a quick, free assessment of your case by our expert legal staff. If we think your claim has legal merit, we will pass it to one of our partners with expertise in that particular field. Our partner law firms operate on a no win no fee or similar basis, providing you access to affordable legal advice.

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