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Business and Shareholder Disputes

Disputes can arise if company owners, collaborators or partners disagree about the way a business is managed or how their commercial relationships are organised. Although it is considered good practice for most commercial agreements to be put in writing, business disputes most commonly arise when a document outlining how a business should be run or how profits should be split is poorly drafted or doesn't exist at all.

Individuals or companies undertaking a joint venture may work under a collaboration agreement that fails to set out what each collaborator's role will be. If there isn't a written partnership agreement, partners may dispute the equal sharing of profits and decision making powers. Members of a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP) may disagree about the procedures for expulsion of a member or dissolving the organisation, negatively impacting the reputation of the company or firm, as well as the individuals involved.

No Win No Fee Business and Shareholder Disputes Litigation Claims

When an agreement is hastily drafted or there is confusion about its terms, disputes can arise that threaten the independence of the parties and the success of the business. For example, assets may unexpectedly merge or a member may incur debts that the other business partners become liable for.

Particularly relevant to shareholders is the possibility of bringing a commercial claim for unfairly prejudicial conduct. This action seeks to protect company members from being unfairly treated by other members, whether they aren't paid dividends or excluded from management. It can also protect against the misappropriation of company assets or an improper allotment of shares. The situations where a remedy can be sought for unfairly prejudicial conduct are wide because of the direct and negative impact such conduct can have on a company and its owners.

Concerns over funding litigation needn't prevent the timely resolution of business disagreements and shareholder disputes that, if left to fester, can become extremely costly for a partnership or company. Advantage Litigation Services has the expertise to help find an affordable and flexible solution to your commercial problem.

Commercial Litigation Funding

If you are thinking about taking legal action against another individual or company but are worried about the costs involved, Advantage Litigation Services have the skills and expertise to help you find a way of funding commercial litigation without risking your personal finances or those of your business. Click here to contact us today or call 0800 160 1298 to see how we can help.