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Contract Disputes

A vast number of commercial contracts are entered into every day. They legally bind two or more individuals or businesses to an agreement that can cover anything from the sale and supply of goods or services to the roles and responsibilities of a landlord and tenant. When a party breaches a contract or refuses to pay because they dispute the terms of the agreement, it may be necessary to make a claim against them. Some of the most common types of commercial contract can be found below.

Supply contracts are agreements that cover the sale or purchase of goods, including specification, price, delivery and payment. If goods aren't delivered on time or don't meet the agreed specification, it may be necessary to make a claim against the supplier. Alternatively, if a commercial customer withholds payment for goods, or wishes to terminate a supply contract without giving sufficient notice, it may be necessary for a supplier to make a claim against them for breach of contract.

No Win No Fee Commercial Disputes Litigation Claims

Commercial disputes relating to construction, building or engineering contracts can be particularly complex. Often these contracts are vast documents covering all aspects of a commercial development, from design to the finished build, and include multiple parties, from the property owner to sub-contractors and suppliers. Unfortunately, disputes can arise in many ways when undertaking a development project, such as arguments over negligent designs, defective materials or building delays. When these disputes do arise, the property owner may be able to claim for defective works or damages. A contractor may also be able to claim for the cost of variations or extensions of time when a client wishes to change the terms of the agreement.

A dispute may also arise between a commercial tenant and their landlord. These disagreements often relate to rights and responsibilities contained in a lease or tenancy agreement. A tenant operating a business in a premises may not be paying their rent, or a landlord may not be making necessary repairs to the property that negatively impact or disrupt trade.

If you are in a commercial contract dispute because you don't agree with the meaning of the contract terms, someone has breached the contract by failing to fulfil their part of the agreement or you were induced to enter into a contract on a false premise, our specialist team can help you find an affordable and expert commercial contract lawyer.

Commercial Litigation Funding

If you are thinking about taking legal action against another individual or company but are worried about the costs involved, Advantage Litigation Services have the skills and expertise to help you find a way of funding commercial litigation without risking your personal finances or those of your business. Click here to contact us today or call 0800 160 1298 to see how we can help.